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Master Tung’s Magic Points

Cost -  $450 for Saturday and Sunday

Early Bird - $400 until April 20th

KSAA members - 10% off


For the Best of Tung’s Points weekend, Susan’s favorite acupuncture points in Master Tung’s system are presented with precise anatomical location, operative theory, indications, some combinations and case studies. We have been given so many extraordinary points from Master Tung’s work, all of which can yield immediate and lasting results, but some of them Susan finds herself using all day, every day due to their clinical usefulness.

This seminar is designed for both beginning and advanced students, and the points are appropriate for practitioners at every level. In the beginning stages of learning this point system, students find that it’s an invaluable recipe book—it’s simple to learn, useful, and effective right away. The complexities and deeper connections of the system become clear as practitioners study these points again and again. Susan continuously expands her own understanding about the points, and includes new information and case studies with every series. These classes are very relevant for practitioners who want to review their techniques.

This two-day course provides acupuncturists with an understanding of the energetics employed when using Master Tung’s Points, a brief history of this points system, and a wide variety of the most commonly used point combinations. Students will be able to utilize the points immediately in their own clinical settings. Crystal clear video clips demonstrate the precise point location and needling technique for all points discussed in class.


Handouts will be provided; no books are required.

CEUs offered:

The Best of Master Tung's Magic Points - 13 units - pending

The Ancient Art of Cupping - 6.5 units - pending

The Ancient Art of Cupping

Cost -  $250 for Monday

Early Bird - $225 until April 20th

KSAA members - 10% off


Susan presents the Ancient Art of Cupping with the benefit of her numerous years in practice and years of synthesizing available information. She will begin with a lecture exploring and differentiating all the different styles of suction techniques, as well as gwa sha. Susan will discuss at length the reasons for cupping, what the various shades of color on the skin mean, how to use cupping as a diagnostic tool, and how and why toxins build up in the muscles and/or joints. Diagrams of specific cupping patterns will be provided. Significant time will be devoted to patient and doctor interface, safety concerns, and post-cupping expectations. In the late afternoon attendees will break into a clinical setting for practice of the suggested cupping patterns. Susan will demonstrate one or two important cupping patterns and then circulate as attendees work on each other.


About Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson has been practicing acupuncture since 1982. A graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Susan practiced in San Francisco from 1983-88, specializing in the treatment of HIV. She studied Master Tung’s Magic Points with Dr. Miriam Lee and Dr. Young Wei Chieh, Ph.D. for more than 12 years and has used them nearly exclusively in her practice for thirty years. Dr. Tung’s system, which utilizes meridian points in new ways and also includes extra points, can provide perfect keys to the treatment of particularly challenging conditions, in addition to a wide range of common ailments. Dr. Tung’s Points are immediately useful and instantly effective in most cases. Susan maintains a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. She is a dynamic teacher renowned for her clear presentation of this style of acupuncture.


Saturday and Sunday - The Best of Master Tung's Magic Points - $450

Monday - The Ancient Art of Cupping - $250

All 3 days - $650 (Early Bird $600 until April 20th)



10% for KSAA members

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Full refund minus a 5% administrative fee up to March 31, 2020

50% refund April 1st-30th, 2000.

After May 1st, there will be no refund.

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Order Susan Johnson's Book - Master Tung's Magic Points

Written in collaboration with Susan Johnson's colleague and student Eric Renaud, this long-awaited work will be the culmination of Susan's 30 years of intensive study, mentoring, classroom teaching, and successful clinical experience treating a broad range of disorders using Master Tung's points.

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